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進撃的巨人The Final Season完結篇 (前篇) 主題歌曲〈UNDER THE TREE〉

TVアニメ「進撃の巨人」The Final Season完結編(前編)主題歌『UNDER THE TREE』アニメスペシャル映像|SiM ⚔ 各大音樂平台收聽 ⚔
Where are you at? Where have you been? 問いかけに答えはなく Where are we headed? What did you mean? 追いかけても 遅く 遠く A bird, a butterfly and my red scarf Don't make a mess of memories Just let me heal your scars The wall, the owl, and forgotten wharf 時が止まることもなく We're getting older Second, by second, by second Why, oh, why? Why, oh, why? Don't you wanna stay with me? Why, oh, why? Why, oh, why? Are you giving up on me? I'll be waiting, waiting for you Let me hold you under the tree Under the tree-ee-ee, ee-ee-ee Ee-ee-ee-ee I'll protect you!
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