Forecasters expect first July without typhoons in 46 years

2020年7月29日 14:10
For the first time in 46 years, Taiwan will get through July without a single typhoon making landfall. That’s what the Central Weather Bureau is expecting, based on models of low-pressure systems in the region. Even so, Taiwan should brace for rain this weekend, as a low-pressure system near the Philippines appears on track to intensify. 台灣將有46年以來的第一次,直到7月才有颱風登陸。這就是中央氣象局根據該地區低壓系統的模型所期望的。即便如此,由於菲律賓附近的低壓系統似乎正逐步加劇,台灣本週末應該為下雨做好準備。 Amid the scorching sun, the CWB again issued high temperature warnings on Tuesday. Meanwhile the Pacific high has drifted north, which means the low-pressure area near the Philippines’ Luzon island could intensify. According to U.S. meteorological forecasts, it could develop into a storm system this weekend. Wu Wan-hua CWB forecaster Currently in the sea east of the Philippines, there are several tropical cloud clusters waxing and waning. It’s an environment that’s fairly favorable for further developments. But as for when we will have a mature system – such as a tropical depression or even a typhoon – we can only determine that with more observation and data analysis. The CWB it’s too soon to tell whether a typhoon is in the making. What’s certain is that Taiwan will not be struck by a typhoon in July for the first time in 46 years. Wu Wan-hua CWB forecaster At present, it’s looking like the environment will change in August. Compared to the atmospheric circulation seen in July, conditions in August will be more conducive to tropical storm systems. On Sunday and Monday, the disturbance of moisture near Luzon will begin to affect Taiwan, bringing rain to eastern and southern parts of the country. Wu Wan-hua CWB forecaster Starting Sunday, Southern and Eastern Taiwan will feel the effects of a low-pressure system to the south, which will bring intermittent rains and afternoon showers to mountainous areas. How heavy the rains are will depend on whether the tropical system matures. I’d like to remind everyone that over these coming days, afternoon thundershowers will become more common, and brief downpours are likely. Damp weather is up ahead. Those heading up to the mountains this weekend should keep an umbrella handy and be on the alert for afternoon storms.
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