2020年8月6日 11:22
Hello! 語言版的各位!不好意思幫我的社團宣傳活動: 本週8/7(五)19:00 NTPC TOASTMASTER Club(新北市政府英文演講社)例行的meeting又來啦! 本次的主題是: "When I get triple stimulus vouchers, I plan to..." 讓各位來分享拿到振興券的時,你對振興券的使用計畫和期待,發掘出“Wow~原來可以這麼用”的新奇點子吧! 本週會議地點在Co-Flower Cafe(新北市板橋區民生路二段234巷11號,鄰近新埔捷運站3號出口),入場費為100/人(另享有在店點單9折優惠),想要參加來學習英文或是交朋友的大家,別忘了前往活動參加頁面點選參加喔! *另外響應疫情政策,請來參加會議的朋友們記得要戴上口罩喔! Dear all: This week, we have a Toastmaster meeting at 19:00 on 8/7 (Fri). The meeting theme is "When I get triple stimulus vouchers, I plan to....". Let's share your experiences on using triple stimulus vouchers. And give a fabulous idea to everybody! The meeting location is at Co-Flower Cafe. Entrance Fee is 100/each person(it also contains 10% off on ordering a meal in Co-Flower cafe). If you have willing to join our meeting, please go to the participation page click "participate" bottom. Let us can know how many people will join. Ps. Under the policy. Please all the members and guests wearing your facemask first when you join the meeting.
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