Why I do practice English writing

2020年11月19日 13:26
歡迎大家到我的Medium,英文文章主要發表在Medium。其他文章則發表在Vcous或Matters。 Writing English articles is not easy for me, even with the convenient online Grammar-checked tool “Grammarly.” However, I still try to scribble at least two to three hundred words a day. The main reason for the practice and self-training the fluent composing is to meet my need for fulfillment. Besides, preparing excellent English writing skills is an ambition to provide words to the people using English, the largest number globally. No matter what do we think, “English Hegemony” has stood for then two centuries. As a language that most people use worldwide, English(including American style, England style, Australian style, etc.) makes communication and business transactions easier than before because the lion’s share of civilians universally uses it as a daily or native language. The bigger the market, the more opportunities for people to make money. The “English Hegemony” is based on a unique historical background. After the “industrial revolution,” United Kingdom(the abbrev. is “U.K.”) had been the strongest country and commonly known as the “empire that the sun never sets.” From the period, English spreads internationally with the expansion of British military force and business capability. Today, there is more than 3.2 billion population speak English in the world. Although the number of users is not the greatest, its influence is far-reaching than Spanish or Chinese, which most people use. When the concept “User pays” is reached, the English-speaking proportion is also much higher than in non-English-speaking countries. In other words, goods or services, even articles, can create much more profits in the English world. Medium is a platform that you need to pay to see more and better items; however, its payment partners’ plan does not cover most Asian countries, at least without Taiwan. Authors in the excluded regions have to go through complicated procedures to apply for foreign bank online accounts approved by the platform to join its project. Since cost consideration is the priority, it is perfectly normal that Medium unwill to open the service in areas where few users are willing to pay. Nevertheless, even though I want to make a living on such media, excellent English writing ability is the essential point at all. Without outstanding or useful articles, no one is willing to spend money on reading.
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