Where the Heart Is - 6

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It was the noon with unexpected person ran into her summer. Isabel thought about possibilities of being recognized by her students on the streets during long break, but never thought about that girl whom she saw in the restroom weeks ago would popped out in her sight. The girl was beautiful though, she felt different about this girl though she couldn't quite explain. The girl was shy but Isabel found her interesting. It was weird but Isabel couldn't help and smiled like an idiot after walking out of the shop to the bench where Mia was, with ice cream in her hand. 'Whoa, whoa, what's happening here?' 'What?' Isabel shrugged as she gave the dessert to her best friend. 'No, just... haven't seen you smiling like that for some time, honestly.' Mia took a bit as she grinned. 'You smiled like an idiot you know?' she laughed as Isabel rolled her eyes. 'So what happened? Who's that person huh?' 'I don't know what you're talking about. There's no one!' Mia then moved closer and looked into Isabel's eye. 'What?' the woman frowned. 'See you're lying to me. I can see it~' Mia sang it out. 'Alright, alright... I don't know actually... but please, do not tell anyone yet. Promise?' Mia watched her confusingly, nodded, as her best friend started confessing, 'I felt something different about a girl. We bumped into each other in that shop just now. And... I know it's weird, like we only met three times but the thought of her bothers me sometimes. I can tell she had a terrible past 'cause I saw her breaking down weeks ago. I have that urge wanting to do something for her, to care for her... I... I don't know. I barely know her. Just as I said we only met three times. I can see she's different though, in a good way.' 'Wait. How old is the girl?' 'Um, i don't know... probably seventeen?' 'Jesus Abby... seventeen? You joking? Is she your stude-' Mia half-yelled as Isabel covered her mouth. 'What? It's not like a restaurant here? No one can actually hear me alright? Just me, and you, being honest.' 'Just... lower your voice please... and no, she's not my student... though I did substitute in her class once.' 'You crazy? A student, a student, Abby!' 'Shhhhhh, and I'm not stupid! Not crazy either. I'm just saying I feel something different about that girl. I don't like her, i don't have feelings for her, I don't like any of teenagers. Wild, mad, crazy teens I've seen enough in my career you were once like that too.' Isabel rolled her eyes. 'Right... stop rolling eyes at me. But you'd better be like what you just said.' Mia could tell the girl her best friend just talked about could be something, something possibly dangerous. She saw Isabel's smile earlier, it was a smile she hasn't seen on her best friend's lips for ages. Maybe her best friend hasn't realized that, but it might be soon. She's never smiled that wildly. Mia was happy, but concerned. 'Don't look at me like that! It's not like what you think it is.' 'I believe what I just saw.' 'Go eatttt your ice cream 'cause if you not gonna finish it real quick, your panties gonna get wet.' as Isabel's eyes landed on the melted cream on Mia's shorts as the woman looked down at her laps. 'Ohmigod Abby!' then Mia stood up all of the sudden, 'What? It's not my fault! Don't, don't!' as her best friend started chasing her along the beach with the melting cream in her best friend's hand. Isabel ran to the water as she started splashing water, 'Stop that!' The two women laughed together. 'Stop what? I'm eating! Wait!' Soon as Mia finished the sweet, she ran down to the water. The afternoon they laughed, they screamed, had fun like they were young again, leaving their gaps behind. 'I had fun today M. I'm glad you're back earlier. The divorce, procedures, and judgment are seriously driving me crazy these days...' 'I'm proud of you Abby. You deserve so much better. And that bastard, I- ... sorry...' 'It's fine. Thank you though. You're the only person who has always been there.' Mia smiled warmly, 'I love you Abby, you deserve nothing but the best on this planet. I couldn't imagine how much it was for you to take... You are so strong and the endurance you have defined that and you have to know that you deserve to be loved.' Isabel smiled, 'Thanks M, I love you too. If it wasn't you, I wouldn't have been here now.' Two women walked along the beach while talking about Mia and her boyfriend, a familiar face caught their eyes. 'Isn't that Alexia?' 'You knew her?' Isabel frowned. 'Yeah, she's Chris' sister.' Mia walked towards as her best friend followed behind. 'Alex?' Mia called out, lightly tapped on Alexia's back as the girl took the earphones off from her ears, turned to look who the person was. 'Hey Mia! So nice to see you! Why are you here? I thought you're coming back with Chris?' Alexia grinned excitedly. 'The meeting was cancelled and your brother couldn't wait to fly back, so the plan was changed. We decided to come back earlier to surprise you.' Mia smiled wildly as the girl hugged her, 'He's home now?' Mia nodded, 'Yeah! We arrived at noon but you weren't there. We thought you hanged out with friends, so we didn't inform you.' 'It's okay, I was at work actually. And... Mrs. Blair...?'  the girl's eyes traveled to the woman behind. 'Mrs. Blair? You her student?' Mia confusingly looked at them. 'Uh not really but she substituted my class once.' 'Oh...' Mia nodded quietly. 'So you and Mrs. Blair are friends?' Alexia asked, tried to make it seem casually. 'Yeah, Isabel and I have been best friends since we were kids. The world is small, isn't it?' Mia forced a smile as she looked at her best friend, eyeing 'You got be kidding right? She's that girl?' 'I don't even know she's your boyfriend's sister.' 'Abby...' 'What? There's nothing! I don't even know her!' 'Um... sorry. I think I should go.' Isabel noticed the awkwardness on the girl's face 'Do you... need a drive?' Isabel carefully asked. 'Nah, my place isn't far from here. I'll walk home,' Alexia smiled, 'Thank you.' 'Alex, could you let Chris know that I won't have dinner with you tonight? Abby and I have a lot to catch up.' 'No problem!' Alexia smiled. That evening, the smile on the girl's lips appeared even more charming in the glows of twilight, lingered between the flows beneath her breath, never seemed to drift away. - - - 暑假剩一個月了!!😭 最近看到了一個挑戰 一個月內寫50000字的英文小說 有點喚醒了陣亡半個暑假的小宇宙 https://my.w.tt/eeydzf9K7Y
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