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Taiwan high school students assembled in the legislative yuan to protest the recent proposal made by Ministry of Education on 7/28. The proposal is to revise course content over explanation of local history during WWII and the transition period from Japanese occupation to the government of Republic of China in 1945. In particularly, it mentioned the mass sexual crimes of Japanese military drafting more than 2,000 Taiwanese women as sexual slaves at that time.   The revision of course material was interpreted as “KMT Party’s evil plan” which tries to promote the “One China” concept, and the counter party of DPP, led by chairman Tsai ing wen sponsored her supporter financially to organize the two months protest from June and it is still not ended.   Being a Chinese or a Taiwanese have becoming a taboo or more precisely an identity for Taiwan people, some DPP members` family were group of privileged during Japanese occupation period before WWII. By contrast to most poor local peasants and a few of immigrants from mainland China who were benefited from ROC’s land reallocation policy during 50s, the land reallocation policies seems to be a “worse land policies of ROC” in the eyes of many DPP supporters, who used to be the landlords especially. Tsai ing wen ‘s father was a merchant supporting Japanese army for maintenance services and her family were considered “loyal Japanese” which was considered as honor and became high class tycoon since then.   “I feel sorry to those old ladies who was forced to be sexual slaves of Japanese army, and if it is what the high student protesting for, and trying to suggest they are volunteered, I will be fully in shamed to consider myself as Taiwanese” said by Mr. Huang, a local resident.   Tsai Ing-wen ‘s education and foreign policy have becoming more questionable to many Taiwanese, if such revision of course material suspend after the protest, Taiwan will be the first country claiming that sexual slaves in Japanese army during WII were volunteered , not forced.   “I am confused about her, she promised that she will seek to maintain current diplomatic status with China a month ago, and now what does it mean to us when she financially support the student to occupy the legislative yuan? We want a stable and harmonic society” said by a mother of student.   A receipt of sponsorship was revealed on internet anonymously three weeks ago, every students supporting DPP and committed to the protest organized by the party will receive many kinds of supports, like a pay of 1,495 NTD. The news was later on recognized by the DPP party, who was in the meantime arguing that KMT should not put their hands in school.   “I want my son back! I worry that my son has become chess on Tsai ing wen’s power game. Why does she not going on the street to protest by herself?” said by some parents of student, who were trying persuade their children to go home.   It has been over two months since the first waves of protest in June, one student suicided on 7/28, the student death was suspicious since his last internet conversation shows that he was trying to prevent his peers from occupying the legislative yuan. Some evidences show that his suicide was caused by the hates and peer pressure from his friends, and there is still no response or comment from Tsai ing wen, everything is silent on the table.
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所以cnn也要下去領五百了? 只能說反課綱的人,沒有很清楚的表達出他們的訴求或想法,所以被誤會了。
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明明很清楚阿.. 深深覺得看不懂的人好蠢...
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呃...所以立法院的英文真的是legislative yuan?
B7 是,建議你可以去立法院官網看一下。
B7 是喔~ 當初太陽花的時候我就覺得這種半音譯半意譯的方式好怪,不知道有沒有外文翻譯專業的朋友能替我解惑Orz
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那些說領500的如果真的有這麼好領那我去打工幹嘛? 還有只求中文的拜託英文多念一點
B10 我猜,應該是因為立法院是中華民國自創的政府機關 國外都是叫國會,對面的是人民大會 我也是覺得國會聽起來比較帥氣,不知道為什麼他們要腦抽改成立法院,聽起來弱弱的
這篇是Ireport,是給網友自行撰寫的報導 你去看看這個作者的註冊時間,是8/2 2015 當然,CNN推出這個平台就是為了挖掘許多事蹟,就像是蘋果日報提供的爆料一樣 只單看這一篇,有失偏頗 我建議各位,如果要更客觀的觀看的話,可以來這裡把其他篇文章都看一看,自行比對
這不是超愛反串的嘉大同學嗎? 不用每次貼文都故意繁轉簡 另外,iReport不完全屬於CNN的正式報導啦 不過,用來打臉某位亂洗風向的成大同學正剛好
『大學為知識殿堂,探尋真理,沒有包袱,亦無所畏懼』 以下如有任何謬誤,敬請指正 由於我所說的第一句,我認真看完了整篇文章 語意不通的地方我就不戰了小弟英文也沒多好 但看完之後我的疑問卻更多了求神人解惑 不想調整課綱就代表認為慰安婦是自願的? 所以說原來的課綱就是這樣子寫的喔? 是我都沒在上歷史課還是真的有人活在平行時空? 援助的部份估狗就看的到 如果立委候選人到場交流致意 以及資助1495來買傘都能說成多種支持援助 那我就真的不知道怎麼做才能算政治力不介入了
呵呵 真的跟老毛那樣親為何老毛逢綠必反?XD
喔喔! 清大同學搶在我之前做了類似回應了 如果這篇是台灣人所撰寫 那還真有模有樣 不過好像幾處文法怪怪的
我覺得說慰安婦是自願的這件事本身並不精確 「受迫於經濟或生活壓力而從事慰安婦工作」本身並不能算是被日本人強迫,但也不能說是自願吧